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The original kitchen workstation where you can cook, clean, and entertain in a whole new way. Chop, strain and mix with ease, style and efficiency.
Galley Workstation®
The Galley makes life in the kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Slide the Galley Culinary Tools above and below each other to prepare a meal efficiently. Stay engaged and enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends around the Galley.
Clean up is made easy with all of the right tools. Our WashStation™ makes the kitchen more functional when added to the Galley Workstation. All preparation, cooking, serving and entertaining happens at the Workstation and cleaning happens at the WashStation. Get the most out of your kitchen with a Workstation + WashStation.
The Work&WashStation™ allows you to separate food preparation or prepare and wash in one Workstation. It is ideal when only one larger Workstation is possible. A thin stainless steel partition raises only to the lower tier allowing Cutting Boards and Drying Racks the freedom to slide all the way across both basins on the Lower Tier. This is also great for Kosher Cooking!
Cut, muddle, shake, and mix a fresh cocktail all at the Galley BarStation®! Including it’s very own convenient Bar Kit, perfect for slicing limes, serving condiments and washing and drying your glasses.
Enjoy the taste and convenience of drinking clean, filtered water while improving your health and wellbeing. Designed specifically for our Hot & Cold Tap, the HydroStation™ includes a HydroPlate for glasses and cups and can be located virtually anywhere in your kitchen and throughout your home.
The Galley offers you the ability to create your very own Workstation or WashStation. Apron Front, custom lengths, integrated Galleys with stainless steel WorkTops, ADA, you name it and we can probably do it. Our highly trained factory craftsmen love a good challenge!
Work Wash Work&Wash Bar Hydro Custom
Galley Tap®
The Galley Tap® is the first and only kitchen faucet thoughtfully designed, engineered and manufactured to function perfectly with a specific line of kitchen sinks, or in our case, kitchen workstations. Simply put, it completes The Galley Workstation.
Designed to be a slightly smaller companion to our Galley Tap, the BarTap® offers the same high level of design, functionality, engineering, and finish. It is perfectly suited for our BarStations® but can be paired with our smaller Workstations as well.
Dispense hot and cold filtered water with the pull of a lever. Beautiful, symmetrical, and engineered with a hot water handle that springs back to the off position when not in use, the Hot & Cold Tap is ideal for preparing, cooking and drinking. Hot water temperature hits a maximum of 208°F with our Digital Instant Ideal Hot Water Tank™.
Our wall mounted Pot Filler Tap coordinates beautifully with the rest of our Tap line. It extends up to 24" and was designed for when cooktops are located on a wall and a Tap is not close by.
Designed to complement and complete the Tap Suite, our line of Accessories include our Ideal Soap Dispenser, Deck Switch, Air Gap, and Hole Cover.
Tap BarTap Hot & Cold Pot Filler Accessories
Galley Dresser®
In order to take the Galley Workstation to an entirely different level of function and beauty, we commissioned nationally known kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, to create something absolutely extraordinary, both inside and out. Thoughtfully designed and fully integrated, the Dresser is available in four lengths and has become the new standard for fine culinary furniture.
Every single compartment is thoughtful and useful. The functionality of the interior adds to the beauty and impressiveness of what The Dresser is. Nothing is forced. The ebonized Walnut interior storage system is made exclusively to house our Culinary Tools, utensils, knives, spices, and oils.
With a curated selection of 13 luxurious high gloss painted and exotic wood finishes and 9 stunning hardware & trim finishes, The Dresser is available in 117 bespoke combinations. Whichever combination you choose, each Dresser is made to order by the finest craftsmen and artisans in the USA.
The Galley Dresser represents the ultimate in beauty and efficiency in the kitchen. It takes The Galley Workstation experience to a level that has only been imagined.
Tastefully appoint the entire kitchen with The Galley Dresser Hardware to extend the beauty and statement of the Dresser to the rest of the kitchen. This harmonized approach brings everything together into an elegant, intentional and dramatic look.
Dresser Interior Exterior Lifestyle Hardware

See it in Action

The Galley eliminates kitchen inefficiencies while maximizing space and organization. Watch the stress around mealtime disappear as The Galley Workstation changes how you work in your kitchen.

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